Bresser BR-2101 Daylight Set 675W

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Daylight set 675W with 3 daylight lamps and 3 stands
Lamp tripods: 1x 40cm, 2x 2,1m with 1/4" spigot adapter
3 lamp holders with E27 threads
Carrying bag / weight of the whole set: 4800g

700,00 kn 560,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 3x Daylight spiral lamp 45W 5500K 230V
  • 2x Transmitted Light Umbrella 83cm white/diffuse
  • 1x Lamp tripod 40cm
  • 2x Lamp tripod 2,1m
  • 3x Lamp holder (E27 thread)
  • 1x Carrying bag

The BRESSER BR-2101 Daylight-Set 675W consists of three 45Watt daylight spiral lamps with a daylight colour temperature of 5500K. These bulbs fit into a standard E27 thread and are intended for continuous use in the studio. The light output may be multiplied approximately 5 times to get a comparison with the light output of a normal light bulb. It is also more energy-efficient, lasts longer and does not become as warm.

Three universal lamp holders for light bulbs with E27 thread are supplied to match. With the tripod connection on the underside they are easy to place on any lamp tripod and with the practical tilt head they can be turned into any position. The lamp holder is also equipped with an opening for studio shades.

In addition, the set features a strong and sturdy aluminium lamp stand with a 1/4" spigot adapter that is easy and compact to fold together. Useful to set up auxiliary lights or backlighting at a maximum height of 40cm.
Two other aluminium lamp tripods with a maximum height of 210cm are equipped with a 1/4" spigot adapter and are coated with a black powder layer to reduce reflections.

Also included in the set are two reflective umbrellas, which provide indirect and soft lighting, and the supplied carrying bag, you can quickly stow away all your equipment and take it with you.

Illuminant Fluorescent lamp
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