Bresser BR-2105 Daylight Set 2925W

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Daylight Set 2925W with Background System (280 x 300cm)
Three 3 x 4m background cloth in black, white, chromakey green
Soft and even illumination through the softboxes
Lamp tripod / Boom Arm max. 210 cm high, Powder-Coated

3.225,00 kn 2.580,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1x Background Support 2,8 x 3m
  • 1x Background Cloth 3 x 4m white
  • 1x Background Cloth 3 x 4m black
  • 1x Background Cloth 3 x 4m chromakey green
  • 1x Softbox 50 x 50cm with lamp holder for one lamp
  • 2x Softbox 50 x 70cm
  • 1x Boom Arm 210cm + Sandbag
  • 2x Lamp Tripod 210cm
  • 9x Daylight Spiral Lamp 5500K 65W
  • 2x Metal Clamp BR-10
  • 1x Carrying Bag

The Bresser BR-2015 Daylight and Background Set 2925W is a comprehensive continous light set from Bresser.

The background system consists of two strong and stable aluminium lamp tripods that are easy and compact to fold. On the tripod there is an exchangeable spigot adapter in 1/4" and 3/8" to which, among other things, studio flashes or lamps can be attached. The tripods have an air suspension system that allows them to be lowered smoothly. A four part crossbar is attached to these tripods, which can be divided variably in width into 150c, 225cm or 300cm.

So you can start right away by pulling up a cloth through the drawstring of the supplied background cloths. The background system of the BRESSER BR-2105 SET can be adjusted up to a maximum height of 280cm, so that even larger products or tall people can be put in the right light.

For the flexible use of the background system, three 3x4m background cloth are available in the colours whiteblack and chromakey green. The background cloth can be washed up to 30° and easily ironed and additional BRESSER BR-65 cloth tensioners enable a crease-free background.

Included in the daylight set are 3 air-sprung and powder-coated lamp tripods with a flexibly adjustable height up to 210cm, which also have a 1/4" spigot adapter.
One of the tripods can be used with an extendable arm, attached by a boom stand arm with a sandbag, so that your products can also be well illuminated from above, for example.

A total of 3 softboxes and 3 lamp holders ensure a sufficient daylight atmosphere.

Two softboxes are approx. 50x70cm and have a lamp holder for the 4 x 65W daylight lamps with E27 standard thread included in delivery.
The light intensity can be increased or reduced by two switches for three different lightning modes (2-2-4).

The third softbox is approx. 50x50cm and has a lamp holder for the 65W daylight lamp with E27 standard thread, which is also included.
The softboxes are pracically foldable and easy to set up, as the metal struts are simply mounted in the lamp holder and the double reinforced corner element of the cloth gives the softbox a tight shape.

The total of nine 65W spiral lamps, which are included in the daylight set, have a colour temperature of 5500K and are energy-saving for continous use in the studio and last up to 8000 burning hours.
The light output may be multiplied approximately by a factor of 5x to get a comparison with the light output of a normal light bulb (65W fluorescence= 325W light output).

There are no limits to freedom and flexibilty, as everything can be stowed in a space-saving transport bag for on-location work and also fits in any small car.

Field of application
  • Portraiture
  • Videography
Illuminant Fluorescent lamp
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