Bresser FN-600 TTL Canon studioflash with battery

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

TTL Canon function
WT-4i TTL Canon Trigger Set
integrated, wireless receiver for the WT-4i TTL transmitter
High speed synchronization up to 1/8000
Maximum flash duration 1/10000 (T01, low power)

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Sadržaj pakiranja

  • studio flash
  • WT-4i Canon TTL transmitter
  • protective cap
  • Standard metal reflector
  • flash tube
  • LED adjustment lamp 10W
  • sync cord
  • integrated, detachable battery
  • Handle with tripod connector
  • charger

The BRESSER FN-600 studio flash with TTL function for Canon cameras is the ultimate and powerful flash when it comes to portable lighting. The TTL version allows you to use the TTL function (Canon). This increases the user-friendliness and application possibilities of the FN series enormously.

With the built-in lithium-ion battery you need no more compromises. No heavy battery packs are needed, so you can easily use the studios at any location. The battery is also detachable. A mains power adapter is available as an option so that the FN-600 can be connected to the power supply. The clear LCD display makes settings very user-friendly.

The studio flash can quickly be adjusted to a power of 1/128 to 1/1. The high-speed synchronization function allows the multifunctional use of the FN TTL series. Like many other studio-flashs from our range, the flash units of the FN TTL series are equipped with a Bowens bayonet connector. This can be used by a variety of accessories such as softboxes, barndoors, snoots and others. Via the USB interface the FN-600 TTL can be reliably remotely controlled and adjusted in combination with the supplied WT-4i remote release system. The studio flash is already equipped with an internal wireless receiver. This device is the ultimate flash when it comes to creative freedom, mobility and versatility.

The USB interface on the studio flash is only suitable for BRESSER WT-3 triggers and receivers. Please do not charge or connect any other technical devices to the studio flash!

Manufacturer Bresser
Flash power 600 w/s
Guide Number 80 (ISO 100)
Colour temperature 5600K
Power source 110 - 230 V, Lithium-ion battery
Availability in the store: Availability in shop after 3 - 5 days after order
Warranty 2 years
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