Bresser JM-75 reflektor holder 65-174 cm

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • telescopic reflector holder for collapsible reflectors with a length/diameter of 65 cm to 174 cm
  • double ball joint for attachment on tripods
475,00 kn 380,00 kn

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  • reflector holder

What seems to be difficult, becomes a child's play with the right accessories. This is also true for the correct light shaping with reflectors when there is no assistant available. The BRESSER reflector holder helps you out in this situation.

The high quality aluminium reflector holder doesn't only ensure stability, but also flexibility which is required for the daily life of a photographer. The extractable aluminium bar is provided with a reflector holder, where you can clamp collapsible reflectors with a length from 65 cm to 174 cm. With the help of the convenient tilt head, you can attach this clever tool to a lamp holder and adjust the reflector to any desired position.

Colour black
Total length 1820 mm
Total width 120 mm
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