Bresser RING LED MM-26AB 48W CRI 95

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

48 W ring light with 480 LEDs with a CRI of 98%
Gradually adjustable brightness and colour temperature (3200-5600 K)
Connection for smartphones with a width of 55 - 85 mm
Diameter (inner - outer): 36,8 - 45.8 cm / weight: 510 g

800,00 kn 640,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • Ring light
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Bluetooth remote trigger (Android and iOS)
  • 12 cm gooseneck with 1/4'' photo screw
  • 12 V / 6.8 A power adapter
  • Bag

The individual settings on the BRESSER MM-26AB bi-colour LED ring light allow you to take perfectly illuminated portrait images.

The ring light consists of 480 LEDs and delivers a radiant power of 48 W. The brightness can be adjusted continuously from 0% - 100%, with a maximum brightness of 900 Lux at a distance of one metre.

Depending on the colour temperature - warm or cold - you can create a different atmosphere for your images. Of course, you could also do this retrospectively with image processing software. A much quicker option is photographing with the correct lighting conditions. The LED ring light features an adjustable colour temperature function for this purpose, which allows you to gradually adjust the colour temperature between 3200 and 5600 Kelvin.

The ring light can be adjusted to suit your individual lighting needs and produce the desired result. Better still, it also features an LCD display on the rear side, which displays concrete values that can be reproduced with precision. You can test a range of settings and then enter the parameters for your favourites.

With the included mobile phone holder, smartphones with a width of between 55 and 85 mm can be mounted centrally in the ring lamp. The Bluetooth remote shutter release for Android as well as for iOS devices, which is also included, allows comfortable working with the smartphone camera.

Illuminant LED
Power Illuminants 48 Watt
Color temperature (Kelvin) from 3200
Color temperature (Kelvin) to 5600
Colour Rendering Index % 98
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