Bresser SH-86W LED Soft-Light

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

color Temperature of 5600K
Color Rendering Index >95%

Full aluminum housing
Passive cooling system
Drive implementation
Solid ball coupling
Flexible and in any desired position
an Extremely soft light with 120 degree viewing angle

2.850,00 kn 2.280,00 kn

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  • Bresser-SH-86W LED Soft Light

Bresser-SH-86W LED Soft Light,
The Bresser SH-86W LED Soft Light provides beautiful soft light. The color temperature is 5600K. The LED is a Soft Light, infinite dimming from 10-100% light output. This light panel is perfect for in the studio, but can also be used for on-site use. The light panel features 430 LEDS and features a passive cooling system. The passive cooling system that does not suffer from the koelingsgeluiden. The beam angle of 120 degrees, allows for a broad and uniform lighting. It has a lot of clarity, but it is also a soft light where you need it.Because of this, there is a pure shade, not an unequal color and dark, soft and light. Beautiful soft light, LED lights for photography and video.

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