Bresser SL-448 LED Set 3 pcs Slimline Studiolamps

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Continuous light set consisting of three LED panel lights
Brightness continuously dimmable
Color temperature of 5600K, 3200K with included color filter

3.125,00 kn 2.500,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 3x BRESSER SL-448 LED luminaire
  • 1x transport bag LED lights
  • 3x diffuse filter
  • 3x 3200K filter
  • 3x power supply
  • 3x ball head

A complete LED set, allowing you to take advantage of the maximum creativity and functionality of LED permanent lighting. The set is easy to transport due to its compactness and low weight.

The BRESSER SH-448 LED lamp has a large and even light output across the entire area and is equipped with a metal valve set. BRESSER LED lamps are ideal for use in portrait and product photography as well as in video productions. The colour temperature of 5500K is similar to daylight. With the included 3200K tungsten light conversion filter, they can also be used for video and film recording. With the included soft/diffused filter you can illuminate at a short distance with floodlight. A great advantage of LED lamps is that they do not heat up and can therefore be used without risk over a long period of time. The illumination level is continuously adjustable and the lamp can be connected to both the mains and the optional Sony NP-F batteries. Thanks to the included headset, the LED light can be moved to any desired position. The supplied carrying bag completes the set.

Field of application
  • Portraiture
  • Product Photography
  • Videography
Illuminant LED
Power Illuminants 26.88 Watt
Illuminance 2800 Lux
Color temperature (Kelvin) from 5500
Colour Rendering Index % 95
Total length 245 mm
Total width 110 mm
Total height 40 mm
Net weight heaviest part 1.5 kg
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