Bresser SS-10 Umbrella Softbox 35x160cm

by Bresser
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

umbrella softbox, ideal for photo shoots on location
set-up in a matter of seconds just like with an umbrella
for studio flashes with S-Bayonet or camera flashes
dimensions: 35 x 160 cm

675,00 kn 540,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • umbrella softbox
  • inner diffuser
  • diffuser cloth
  • bag

This very convenient umbrella softbox is set up in a few seconds. It works like an umbrella but it is a fully-fledged softbox including diffuser cloth and with the solid S-Bayonet mount it fits on all BRESSERMENIK and BOWENS studio flashes. By means of optionally available adapters this softbox can also be used for Elinchrom, Multiblitz, Broncolor and Hensel studio flashes.

This umbrella softbox can be opened and closed easily and needs only little space, making it very suitable to carry with you for photo shoots on location.

The softboxes from BRESSER are of very good quality. The softbox has a completely black encasement with a white diffuse cloth at the front. You receive a beautiful, uniform and smooth illumination, because the softbox is pretty deep and the light source with an inner diffuser in front of it lies far in the back.

Camera flashes can be easily mounted to the shaft on the inside with an optional cold shoe tripod mount to use this softbox as am umbrella.

Field of application
  • Portraiture
  • Product Photography
Connection S-type bayonet (Bowens)
Colour black
Total length 1600 mm
Total width 350 mm
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