Bresser Pipe Clamp Set for wall Mounting

by Bresser
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Space saving solution for background cloth
Wall mounting possible vertically or horizontally
For rod/ tube up to 35 mm diameter (not included)
Dimesions: 85 x 45 x 55 mm/ Eeight: 150g
1 x Tube clamp with screw function for wall mounting in set
Suitable as holder for reflector panels

50,00 kn 40,00 kn

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  • 1x Pipe clamps for wall mounting

Small Photo studio without space for large background systems? Here is the perfect alternative: 

The BRESSER tube clmap with which your cloth backgrounds can be hung up fastly with saving a lot of space.
Simply reach for the drill, attach the sturdy metal screw clamps to the wall and clamp a tube or rod up to 35 mm. Your space-saving background system for small rooms is ready!

But it is not only the wall mounting of background cloth quickly done with the robust space-savers. If you mount the clamps vertically, you can simply clamp our reflector or diffusor panels into them. In this way, you can achieve brightening or conjure up soft light in short time and with just one studio lamp.

Let space problems in your photostudio fade into the background forever- with the BRESSER tube clamp.

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