Dynacore DS-260S V-lock Battery 260Wh

by Dynacore
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260Wh, 14.8V, D-tap connector, new V-lock battery with the highest capacity in the market!
484,44 €/3.650,01kn 387,55 €/2.920,01kn
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  • Dynacore DS-260S V-lock Battery 260Wh

DS-260S (260Wh) is the new product from Dynacore, features at larger capacity, lighter weight and more compact design, with similar dimension as the regular 160Wh battery
Rated at especially large capacity of 260Wh, it means that it can support much longer shooting time.
Built-in 5 LED power indicator shows accurately the remaining capacity.
It can power the camera and other accessory with the built-in Power Tap simultaneously.
Lithium Ion Battery Protection Technology inside is designed to prevent over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, etc.









 Max Output



 170(D) x 100(W) x 65 (H)



 Operating temperature(℃)



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