Filmcity FC-10W Handheld Camera Rig with Counter Weight

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HI STRENGTH SHOULDER RIG delivers balanced shots with immense comfort.

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  • 5 Rails 300mm 
  • Counter Weight with clamp.
  • 15mm Straight, 15mm Z bracket & Handle Bracket 
  • Wire Organizer Clamp

Filmcity proudly unveils it’s another stunning FC-10W DSLR Shoulder Rig with counterweights that has been a favourite of now almost thousands of customers. In keeping with the technical advancement of todays, the shoulder support has won a million hearts. Filmcity FC-10W handheld camera rig is a result of our commitment to 'continuous improvement' in all that we do.

  Made with high impact, high strength Polyamide resin
  Camera and Tripod Mounting: 1/4"-20 and 3/8”-16
  Quick release height adjustment: 3.5cm.
  Rods diameter is 15mm
  Centre to Centre spacing of rails is 60mm.
  Simple to use Setup in Seconds.

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