Polar Pro Phantom 4 Cinema Vivid Collection

by Polar Pro
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

Precisely engineered for the DJI Phantom 4 camera (does not fit Phantom 4 Pro), Cinema Series™ multi-coated glass for pristine optics, AirFrame™ construction: featherlight design for smooth gimbal operation, Includes rotatable ND4/PL, ND8/PL & ND16/PL filters

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Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1x ND4/PL Filter (5.67g)
  • 1x ND8/PL Filter (5.6g)
  • ND16/PL Filter (5.6g)

The Vivid Collection Filter 3-Pack is part of PolarPro's  Cinema Series™ line.  Featuring the highest grade glass and coatings on the market, the Cinema Series™ is for pilots who demand the absolute best. The Vivid Collection for the DJI Phantom 4 contains rotatable ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters for reducing the camera's shutter speed, removing glare, and increasing color saturation. Each filter is precisely manufactured using PolarPro’s AirFrame™ featherlight design for smooth gimbal operation. The Cinema Series™ Vivid Collection for the Phantom 4 comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing these filters will last longer than your drone.

Cinema Series™ Glass: PolarPro’s filter collection using the highest end glass and coatings available for pilots who demand the best. Cinema Series glass has a high light transmission and a low refractive index. 

AirFrame™ Construction: PolarPro’s filter design specifically for aerial filming. Featherlight construction utilizes a precision threaded aircraft aluminum frame for smooth gimbal operation.

Included Filters:

ND4/PL Filter (5.67g): This filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 2 f-stops and polarizes light. We use this filter most often when filming at dusk or dawn, or on cloudy days. 

ND8/PL Filter (5.6g): Reducing the camera's shutter speed by 3 f-stops, the ND8/PL is the perfect filter for partly cloudy days. The polarizing aspect of this filter reduces glare and increases color saturation. 

ND16/PL Filter (5.6g): Our go to filter when it is sunny out, the ND16/PL reduces shutter speed by 4 f-stops and polarizes the scene for capturing vivid colors on bright sunny days. 

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