ProAim Shoulder Rig + Chest Support

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Aircraft Aluminium Crane Sections are ribbed, giving the structure 4x strength yet keeping crane lightweight

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  • PROAIM Shoulder Mount Stabilizer with Chest Support
  • Mini 15mm Rail System
  • 2 x 300mm Female Threaded Rods 
  • 2 x 150mm Male Threaded Rods 
  • Wire Organizer Clamp

Proaim offers you a comprehensive sophisticated bundle infused with astonishing features& comfort that will keep you going for a successful completion of your project. Solid CNC built rig with adjustable rosette hand grips, mini rail system, a comfy shoulder pad attached to a removable chest support has much more to offer than all this. Many pros often face backache & shoulder discomfort while shooting, usually because of the burdensome rig. Proaim’s Shoulder mount stabilizer with Chest Support take has been specifically designed taking care of your comfort that distributes the weight with the help of a chest support making the rig much lighter to carry. Uncompromised technical built with prioritizing your comfort level, Proaim ensures the quality & functionality of the rig for life time!

Lightweight aluminum construction
Fits Rail diameter of 15mm/19mm
Accessories mounting Holes - 1/4"

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