Slide Kamera X-CRANE Camera Crane with 100mm socket

by Slidekamera
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Slidekamera X CRANE camera crane is equipment that gives great possibilities of creating images allowing to achieve excellent results during film realisations.

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  • X CRANE - camera crane
  • counterweight: counterweight neck, weights (2x10kg, 2x5kg, 2x2,5kg), two safety nuts
  • articulated arm with 1/4” thread and number of 1/4” and 3/8” holes
  • Slidekamera HGO-3 rotational fluid head
  • User Manual

Slidekamera X CRANE camera crane is equipment that gives great possibilities of creating images allowing to achieve excellent results during film realisations.

It is professional eqiupment that allows to take smooth rise up and fall down crane shots, and to film from the places previously inaccessible for the operator. It allows to present the scene from multiple perspectives while maintaining perfect smoothness of motion.

Telescopic design of X CRANE camera crane allows to adjust length of the arm freely fitting the needs of the filmmaker.Slidekamera X-CRANE

Slidekamera X-CRANE

Telescopic construction of the crane allows to adjust length of the working arm within the range of 1,4m to 3m.

Movement range with working arm maximally spread to the ground: 4m.

Slidekamera HGO-3 rotational fluid head that comes in the set allows for a full rotational movement around the axis, with a possibility from changing the rotation resistance to completely locking the movement.

Length of the working arm folded (from the center of rotation): 1,4m.


X CRANE camera crane consists of a telescopic armcomprising of three segments:

- two telescopic arms, each locked with two clamping knobs

- carrying arm (main arm) equipped with a tilt lock on both sides.

Telescopic arm of the crane is made of resistant aluminium building profiles that ensure high rigidity and durability of the device.

Profiles have also anticorrosive protection against weather conditions. All moving parts of the crane are bearinged, what ensures extreme smoothness of motion.

Slidekamera X-CRANE
Slidekamera X-CRANE

X CRANE is equipped with additional bracing joints on both sides of the arm.

Two safety pins that come in the crane set provide additional protection against uncontrolled spreading or folding of the arms.

Telescopic counterweight arm that allows to adjust its length to working conditions. When working is small spaces, you can fold the arm reducing its length and compensate by placing a heavier counterweight.

Length of the counterweight arm maximally spread: 1,1m.

Counterweight arm comes with a sliding weight, that allows to balance the crane accurately.

Safety payload with arms maximally spread is 12 kg for 34 kg of counterweight.

By telescopically reducing length of the counterweight arm we can put more weight at the end of camera crane arm.

Slidekamera X-CRANE
Slidekamera X-CRANE

Crane mounting plate is folded during transport. Two locking knobs specially designed by Slidekamera allow to quickly and easily fold/unfold the plate.

On the body of the plate there are steel 1/4" slots which can be used to mount accessories.

Includes a rotating head Slidekamera HGO-3 rotational fluid head

HGO-3 rotational fluid head is used for smooth regulation of the rotation as well as smooth change of the rotation resistance of camera crane. Our head is equipped with a knob that regulates the rotation of the mounting plate.

Double bearing provides high load capacity, rigidity and precision of rotation. In addition, grease inside the head increases resistance during rotation and eliminates internal clearances.

Slidekamera X-CRANE


Slidekamera X-CRANE

Number of 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes allow to attach additional accessories.

Articulated VARIO ARM with 1/4" thread.

Articulated arm allows to mount various kinds of photo/video accessories, for example, on-camera field monitor, sound recorder etc.

Maximum flexibility of the arm allows to adjust the position of the arms at any possible angle. Clamping knob locks the arm in any position.

Additionally, arms come with a number of 1/4" and 3/8" holes.

Slidekamera X-CRANE
Slidekamera X-CRANE

Counterweight neck comes with two safety nuts eqipped with 1/4” and 3/8” holes.

Crane mounting plate is equipped with a 75mm/100mm replaceable socket (matching systems such as Manfrotto, Sachtler, Miller) that allows to mount all types of 75/100mm video heads.

Additionally, by mounting the HCZ socket from the bottom of the plate you can attach 2D head to the crane, such as Slidekamera X HEAD or HGN-4 2D, that allow to move the camera both vertically and horizontally.

Slidekamera X-CRANE


Slidekamera X-CRANE

It is possible to mount X CRANE camera crane using AF-16 adapter for quick mounting of camera cranes.

Available combinations: STANDARD

X CRANE camera crane

HGO-3 rotational fluid head

AF-18 leveling adapter

Adapter AF-16 adapter for quick mounting of camera cranes

Additionaly, you can purchase Slidekamera AF-18 leveling adapter designed for quick and precise leveling of Slidekamera cranes.


X CRANE camera crane

HGO-3 rotational fluid head

AF-18 leveling adapter

AF-16 adapter for quick mounting of camera cranes

Slidekamera X-CRANE
Application: for lifting and rotating the camera or photo camera together with the accessories
Transport length: 1,8m
Working arm range of length: 1,4m to 3m (working length of the arm, from the rotation axis)
Total vertical movement: 4m (counted with working arm maximally spread to the ground)
Camera crane socket: replaceable Slidekamera HCZ sockets matching systems such as Manfrotto, Sachtler, Miller
Rotational head: Slidekamera HGO-3 rotational fluid head
Safety payload: 12kg for 34 kg of counterweight
Weight without weights: 30kg
Weights of a total weight: 35kg
Bubble level: built-in camera crane base
Extended arm lock: available
Arm tilt lock: available
Rotation lock: available
Material: aluminium
Color: black

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons any change of camera crane arm length must be preceded by disassembling photo-video equipment from the camera crane mounting plate.

Failure to do so may result in uncontrolled spreading of the arm and cause damage to the equipment.

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