Slide Kamera X-MOTOR 40 drive for X-slider 1500

by Slidekamera
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X MOTOR 40 drive for X SLIDER is perfect for both live action and stop motion shots.

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Sadržaj pakiranja

  • X MOTOR 40 (drive with worm gear and housing with I/O ports)
  • Set of heads
  • AION IQ Controller
  • Cable connecting the motor with the controller
  • Shutter release cable to connect the motor with the photo camera
  • Shutter release cables to choose: WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6, WS-7, WS-8, WS-9
  • Power transmission belt
  • 12V power supply


The right engine, with a precise mechanical gearbox result in a very versatile device. It allows not only a very fluid camera live action motion, but also works great for timelapse or stop-motion photography. It is very powerful and enables work with heavy professional cameras. Every movement can be programmed and repeated many times with the same precision. 

To avoid camera shake during shutter release, there is a shutter release cable in the set, compatible with the camera used for stop-motion or timelapse photography.


The device works in a vertical position. It can handle cameras up to 7kg.
To work vertically or diagonally, the set has to be extended by additional accesories, enabeling assambly in the desired position.

We recommend the following Slidekamera products:

  • INFINITY TRIPOD with 3/8" mount
  • ANGLE Adapter and ANGLE SUPPORT mouting plate with 1/4" and 3/8" screws for mounting the slider
  • ANGLE Adapter for mounting the camera
  • universal 3/8" screw for assembly the ANGLE Adapter and the tripod
  • DUAL SUPPORT with two universal brackets for mounting the slider on every tripod.


SMART EYE X SLIDER allows for automatic continuous tracking of the object by the camera/photocamera during the movement of the cart.

Thanks to the SMART EYE the object that is being filmed remains all the time in the centre of the frame. VIDEO


MONO HEAD fills the gap in the line of motion control products. It is precise remote head for rotating the camera in one axis.

MONO HEAD was designed to carry heavy, professional cameras. Rigid construction and precise drive make this device reliable and repeatable. MONO HEAD is perfect for every application, that requires precise movement: live action, timelapse, stop motion or VFX shots.



Besides of the included charger the X MOTOR 40 drive works with any DC 12 V power suply, such as:

  • Magnetic holder with BP-U battery
  • AF-7 power pack


Camera safety is very important. The drive stops the cart in case of power failure, that protects the equipement from falling down./p>

BP-U adapter with magnetic holder

BP-U adapter with magnetic adapter can be used to mount:

  • BP-U battery (recommended battery BP-U60, 56Wh or more)
  • SLIDELINK Wi-Fi Adapter and other accessories.

Estimated BP-U60 battery life:

  • for horizontal track, from 4h to 20h
  • for vertical track, from 2h to 20h

NOTE: BP-U battery not included in the set.


AF-7 Power pack

High quality maintenance-free 12V 7Ah battery with a dedicated charger and PSK-7 cover. PSK-7 cover with external power socket not only facilitates using the battery but also allows to carry the equipment comfortably. There is enough place for 12V 7Ah battery with a charger inside and an extra compartment for additional cables.



The AION IQ Controller has many extended programs. VIDEO for live action, ANIMATION for stop-motion photography and the very popular TIMELAPSE.

The 1/4” socket in the base of the controller enables it to be mounted to the cart with a 8” or 11” VARIO ARM - Classic.

AION IQ Controller programs:


  • · Free Ride Mode - allows the user to control the speed of the slider using joystick and adjusting knobs.
  • · Recording Mode - records movements of the slider in order to play it back later in Playback mode.
  • · Playback Mode - plays back movements of the slider saved in Recording mode.
  • · Video Loop Mode - during VideoLoop mode slider automatically turns back and starts moving in the opposite direction once it reaches the end of movement range.


moves the camera on a programmed path during series of shots (drive can trigger the shutter by the cable connected to the camera).


designed for interval shots synchronized with a very slow movement of the cart.

The Slideye™ PRO APP

Controlling Slidekamera gear has never been more comfortable. The Slideye™ PRO free app will help you manage our devices with easiness and precision.

The X MOTOR 40 drive should be equiped with an additional SLIDELINK WiFi Adapter, that enables wireless conection to the app on a Android tablets.


The apps are constantly improved and frequently updated.

Basic modes of Slideye™PRO:

  • Live Control
  • Trajectory with the addition of keyframes
  • Looping with Precise Parallax
  • Advanced Timelapse
  • Multi-axis Curves mode


SLIDELINK™ Wi-Fi Adapter

The SLIDELINK Wi-Fi Adapter enables the remote control of the devices of the Slidekamera system via the Slideye™ PRO application (available for Android tablets) and Slidekamera drivers, equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

A single SLIDELINK Wi-Fi Adater is sufficient for controlling the whole system, regardless of the number of devices. In order to increase the freedom of movement of the system it is possible to use a bigger number of adapters.




A set of drive heads consists of two drive heads, one head per side of the slider. The heads are equipped with power transmission elements and a toothed belt connecting the slider cart and the driving motor.
The drive heads do not shorten the working range of the cart.

First drive head is equipped with 1/4 " and 3/8" holes with hardened inserts for attaching accessories.

X MOTOR 40 driving motor consists of a worm gear and a housing equipped with a number of sockets:

  • RJ 45 socket (2 pcs) for communication between the controller and the motor, also for connecting SLIDELINK Wi-Fi Adapter with other drives
  • DC power socket (2 pcs) to connect power source
  • 2,5mm Trigger jack to connect the shutter release cable

Second drive head is used for mounting X MOTOR 40 (motor + drive unit) using a hinge clamp.

Single knob connection of the belt and the cart allows to easily disconnect the drive and move the cart manually.


Supply voltage:

10..18V DC

Slider cart payload:

Maximum payload for horizontal track: 20kg
Maximum payload for vertical track: 7kg

Power consumption:

Continuous horizontal track: max 1A @ 12V
Continuous vertical track with max. payload: 2,5A @ 12V

Operating time with battery 12V 7Ah 
(room temperature, horizontal track):

over 7h

Cart speed:

maximum 50mm/s - in VIDEO program
minimum 100mm/999h - in TIMELAPSE program

Operating temperature range:


Shutter release cable (one to choose):

WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6, WS-7, WS-8, WS-9

(shutter release cables used in ANIMATION, TIMELAPSE programs)


Width: 75mm
Length: 145mm
Height (with a knob): 85mm



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