Tilta BMCC Rig Professional Module

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  • 1x TiLTA T-0507 Silver Edition Side Hand-grip for BMCC Camera w/ REC Trigger button (Pair)
  • 1x TT-E02 Extension Arm
  • 1x TiLTA BS-T05 Silver Edition 15mm Lightweight Bridge Baseplate
  • 1x 10" Dovetail Plate
  • 1x 5" Dovetail Plate
  • 1x TILTA MB-TO5 Light-Weight Matte Box w/ Top Flag
  • 2x Donut Rings Lens adaptors
  • 1x Tilta III FF-T03 Fluid Damped Follow Focus w/ Adjustable Stops
  • 1x TILTA III FH-T03 Speed Crank
  • 1x TILTA III SW-T045 FFS Whip 250mm
  • 1x TILTA III SW-T025 FFS Whip 300mm
  • 2x TILTA III Flexible Follow Focus Lens Gear Ring
  • 1x Elastic Donut Ring (Nuns Nickers)
  • 1x Off-set Shoulder Pad Silver Edition w/15mm Clamp
  • 1x TH-T04 Silver Edition Top Handle w/ Nato Plate & 15mm rod clamp
  • 1x TiLTA T-0507 Cage w/ bottom, top and side plates
  • 1x Pair of 300mm TiLTA Rods
  • 2x Pairs of 200mm TiLTA Rods
  • 2x Pairs of TiLTA Extension Screws
  • 2x Allen Keys

TiLTA ES-T07-C Silver Edition Offset Shoulder Rig For BMCC/BMPC Blackmagic Cinema Camera with Vintage Wooden Side Handgrips. 
In direct competition with MovCam's BMCC rig but at a better price and stylish design. 
TiLTA does not fail to surprise with both the characteristic 'Sci-Fi' look of their configurations blended in with great functionality and a system based on modular components. This is TiLTA's latest answer to BlackMagic's 2K and new 4K Cinema Camera.

TiLTA ES-T07-C Silver Edition Offset Shoulder Rig For BMCC/BMPC Blackmagic Cinema Camera

It is our most popular and practical BMCC/PC cage available. It's stylish design is coupled with great functionality and it 's extremely lightweight. Using TiLTA's signature silver anodised aluminium, this cage looks and feels the part. This complete kit has everything needed to turn the camera into a professional tool. 

The extra counter weight add-on is recommended for use with large and heavy lenses as it will counter balance the weight out for up to 2kg.

The wooden side grips are very comfortable and one grip includes a record button which connects to the LANC port so the operator can start/stop the recording without taking their hands off the grips. 

The offset shoulder pad can be adjusted in either offset or straight configuration. If using an external monitor or EVF the shoulder pad can be set in the straight configuration as the Monitor/EVF will be offset from the camera. 

The Standard MB-T05 Matte Box is ideal for regular stills lenses and includes 2x 4x4 Filter trays and a Top Flag.  
The upgrade to the MB-T03 can support lenses with a larger front diameter and the hood is made from Carbon Fibre. It also has 2x 4x4 filter trays,Top flag and Side flags. 

The TiLTA FF-T03 Follow Focus has minimal play (less than 1mm). It has build quality comprable to ARRI's design at a fraction of the cost. The hard stops make setting focus points easy and different gear modules like 0.5 and 0.6mm are available for ENG lenses.  

Weight : 3860g (not including counter-weights)

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