Tilta Camera Cage for Alexa Mini LF/ Mini - AB Mount

by Tilta
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Tilta ESR-T07-AB (ESRT07AB) Camera Cage for Arri Alexa Mini LF/Mini Camera (KIT 1) New Version Gold Mount

3.195,30€/24.075,00 kn 2.556,24€/19.260,00 kn
Tečaj konverzije: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Sadržaj pakiranja

1 x Top Handle + 15mm Top Rod Adapter
1 x ARRI EVF Holder
1 x Top Handle Power Module
1 x Long Top Plate
1 x Top Handle Rear Support
1 x Top Plate to Battery Bridge + Cooling System
1 x Standard Battery Plate
1 x Top Power Display Module
2 x Side Arm
1 x Side Mounting Plate + 15mm Rod Adapter
1 x Base Connection
1 x Alexa mini Lightweight Baseplate
1 x Baseplate Extension Shoulder Pad
2 x 15x200mm Rods
2 x 15x100mm Rods
1 x Rear extension Top Handle

The back-clip power supply provides four power outputs. Additional outputs can be installed on the top plate. The power is distributed throughout the cage via electrical touch points. No exposed wires.

Colour Black
Materials Aluminium-alloy, titanium-alloy
Power Output
Top handle power module 14.8V 2-pin LEMO Output*1 and 14.8V 3-pin Fischer output*2
Battery plate 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer output with R/S*2
24v 3-Pin FISCHER output with R/S*1
14.8V 2-Pin LEMO output*3
HD-SDI input*1 HD-SDI output*2
LEMO EXT input*1 LEMO EXT output*1
12-28V DC Power input*1
14.8V 8-Pin LEMO camera power cable*1
Top power display module 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO output*1
14.8V 3-Pin FISCHER output*2
Rod System 15mm LWS
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