Aputure Nova P300c Barn Doors

by Aputure
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Fits Snugly into the Nova P300c Accessory Slot
Fabric Light Leak Covers: Flexible Covers with Hook-and-Loop adhesive prevent any excess light leaks, unlike traditional barn doors
Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction
High-density Textile Carrying Bag

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  • Nova P300c Barn Doors
  • Fabric Light Leak Covers
  • Carrying Bag

The Aputure Nova P300c Barn Doors are a four-leaf
light control accessory specially designed for
Aputure’s first high-output RGBWW LED panel light,
allowing users to quickly minimize excess spill light
and adjust the fixture’s illuminance area.
Its high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum build is
durable, making it a welcome addition to any
filmmaking environment. The included Fabric Light
Leak Covers solve the problems present in other
barn doors, by eliminating excess spill light from the
sides of the barn doors.
As a native Nova P300c accessory, the Barn Doors
slide into the P300c’s accessory slot for a seamless,
secure design.
Like the other P300c native accessory, the Nova
P300c Softbox, the Barn Doors also include a
heavy-duty carrying bag.

Barn Doors
43.5*28.5*3.3cm /
Carrying Bag 50*34.5*6cm /
Barn Doors
(Closed) 1.79kg / 3.9lbs
Carrying Bag 0.64kg /1.4lbs
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