Bresser BR-C25 Professional C-Stand 2,45m + Boom A

by Bresser
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Aluminium tripod with air suspension and 3 segments
External thread 1/4 inch and flexible boom arm
Height adjustable: 115 - 245 cm (345 cm with extension arm)
Max. load capacity: 8,0 kg
Flexibly adjustable clamp for a wide range of bars

1.150,00 kn 920,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1x robust 3-leg base
  • 1x thick 35/30/25 mm stand tube with 3 segments and spigot adapter
  • 1x extension arm
  • 2x clamps for securing accessories

The BRESSER BR-C25 C-stand/boom stand is one of the strongest aluminium tripods for photography studios. All parts and connecting elements are made of metal.

The C-stand, also known as a Century stand, can also hold heavy Fresnel lights with ease. The extension arm can be used to move lights or other accessories in all directions, whether up, down, left or right. Studio lamps or flashes can also be attached directly to the spigot connection on the stand. The clamps provided are designed for tubes with a minimum diameter of 5, 14, 16 and 23 mm and a maximum diameter of 13, 24, 25 and 31 mm.

The BRESSER BR-C25 professional C-stand/boom stand comes in two packages. One package (3.9 kg, 8 x 8 x 120 cm) contains an extension arm and a thick 35/30/25 mm stand tube with 3 segments and a spigot adapter. The other package (4.2 kg, 27.5 x 11 x 52 cm) contains two clamps and the 3-leg base. One clamp is designed to secure the boom arm, and the other can be used as a counterweight.

3 segments
External thread (1/4 inch)
Stand approx. 82 x 82 x 2.5 cm
Air suspension system
Max. Height: 245 cm + 100 cm extension arm
Min. Height: 115 cm
Weight of clamp: 363 g 505 g
Weight of stand: 7.3 kg
Max. load capacity: 8.0 kg

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