Bresser BR-PHT160 large Light Tent / Softbox, 160x120x80 cm with LED Light

by Bresser
Verfügbarkeit: 14-20 days delivery

1.6 m high photo tent for professional product photos of large objects
Illumination: 6x 150 W LED strips, 5500 K, CRI 95
Also designed for use as softbox and for flat lays
Dimensions (H x W x D): 160 x 120 x 80 cm / max. object size: 140 x 100 x 60 cm
Includes light tent, lights, diffusor screens, 3 backgrounds

230,25 € 184,20 €

Paket beinhaltet

  • 17x Bars for the frame
  • 1x Outer shell light tent
  • 6x LED strips
  • 4x Power adapters with switch (each power adapter can be connected to 2 LED strips)
  • 8x Corner connectors
  • 2x Connecting pieces for central bar
  • 3x Background clamps
  • 4x Diffusor screens for LED strips
  • 1x Large diffusor screen for front side of the light tent
  • 3x Backgrounds (white, black, blue)
  • 1x Transport and storage bag

At 160 cm high, 120 cm wide and 80 cm deep, the BRESSER BR-PHT160 light tent is the ideal solution for professional product photos of larger objects such as bags, cases, shoes, artwork, tools, household accessories, small furniture, musical instruments and more.

This photo tent is also perfect for photographing clothing. The frame offers the possibility to hang up the clothes or you can arrange the objects to be photographed attractively as flat lay instead – simply place the lightweight light tent on the rear side.

6 LED strips provide perfect scenic lighting, and can be attached to the metal frame of the light tent with magnets. If you need more light, both sides can be opened with a zip to allow the use of external light sources.

The products comes with a diffusor screen for the front side, which allows you to convert the light tent into a huge softbox. Simply place a continuous light or a studio flash as a light source into the photo tent and secure the diffusor screen to the front side via a hook and loop fastener.

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