Godox KNOWLED P1200R Hard RGB Panel Light

by Godox
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As Godox pushes the range of its high-powered LED series, the KNOWLED P1200R Hard RGB LED Light Panel delivers strong output combined with powerful features and advanced control methods. 

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  • Godox KNOWLED P1200R Hard RGB LED Light Panel
  • Yoke
  • Main Cable
  • Safety Wire

Impressive Brightness, Still Compact

As Godox pushes the range of its high-powered LED series, the KNOWLED P1200R Hard RGB LED Light Panel delivers strong output combined with powerful features and advanced control methods. Designed for those who operate in environments like large film and broadcast studios, the P1200R Hard's LED system produces a wash of extremely bright light with a suite of RGB settings. The panel offers a wide CCT range of 1800 to 10,000K, precise brightness adjustments, four dimming curves, a green-to-magenta shift, 14 lighting effects, and other convenient features. A variety of control methods allow you to adjust and control your light effortlessly and simplify your workflow. Measuring 32.8 x 23.8" with its yoke, the P1200R Hard is significantly larger and brighter than the P600R Hard unit. The panel supports 100 to 240 VAC, which makes it reliable for use anywhere in the world.

Potent Output

The P1200R Hard's name reflects its characteristics by employing special lenses on the LEDs to focus and maximize the light output. This model draws 1200W and produces beams as intense as 136,000 lux at a distance of 3.3' (5600K).

Extended Control Methods

The P1200R Hard doesn't tie you down to a single control method, but it gives you the flexibility to adjust and manipulate the light onboard or remotely. The panel supports DMX 512/RDM control, and wireless LumenRadio/CRMX. Rounding out the versatility of the panel is the Godox Light app, with the option to control the light via Bluetooth from up to 98.4' away.

RGBW Features

For the whole RGBW color spectrum, 360 hues can have saturation adjusted to suit the atmosphere of any shoot. Toggle between the panel's RGBW, HSI, CCT, Gel, XY, and FX modes for a vast array of options to enhance the dynamism of your scenes.

Color Accuracy

The panel also boasts superior color accuracy, rating at 96 and 98 for both the CRI and TLCI standards, respectively. The P1200R Hard's red, green, blue, and white LEDs render color fidelity at all times.

Four Dimming Curves

The light allows for dimming from 0 to 100% in 0.1% increments along four dimming curves: linear, S-curve, exponential, and logarithmic.

14 Lighting Effects

Achieve satisfying lighting simulations and establish practical effects on set by choosing from flash, lightning, cloudy, broken bulb, TV, candle, fire, fireworks, explosion, welding, police car, SOS, RGB cycle, and party presets.

Efficient Fan Cooling

Despite its power, the panel has an effective fan-cooled system that ensures rapid heat dissipation to maintain optimal working conditions and longevity of the device. You can even choose between silent, auto, medium-speed, and high-speed fan settings.

Widely Compatible

The P1200R Hard comes with no integrated diffusion, but it accepts an array of separately available modifiers that include a Godox space light softbox and a softbox with grid.

Power Supply 100V-240V~50/60Hz
Max. Power ≈1500W(MAX)
CCT 1800-10000K
GM Adjustment -100%-100%
Brightness Range 0%-100%
Dimming Curves linear, S-curve, exponential, logarithmic
CQS ≥95
CRI ≥96
TLCI ≥98
Controlling Methods DMX 512 Control (support RDM protocol)/LumenRadio CRMX/
  Bluetooth Control/Light Body Control
Bluetooth Controlling Distance Max. 30m
USB Type-A Port Firmware Upgrade/5V 1.2A Power Supply
Working Environment   
Temperature -20℃~45℃
Dimension (including yoke)  32.83*23.86*6.69"
Netweight (including yoke) ≈18.5kg
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