SmallHD Camera Control Kit for RED RCP2 Cameras (Indie 5)

by SmallHD
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Quickly access essential RED camera settings with intuitive, user friendly controls on the Indie 5.

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  • SmallHD Camera Control Kit for RED RCP2 Cameras (Indie 5)
  • RED RCP2 Camera Control Software Upgrade
  • SmallHD EXT 9-Pin to 5-Pin USB Camera Control Cable for RED KOMODO (18")
  • SmallHD Locking Male Micro-USB to Locking Female 5-Pin LEMO-Type Adapter Cable (3.3")

Upgrade your filmmaking game with our intuitive camera-control software kit designed to take your Indie 5 monitor to the next level. This kit includes a software license download card and control cables that enable real-time configuration of RED® RCP2™ cameras such as KOMODO-X, KOMODO®, DSMC3™, and V-RAPTOR™.

With our user-friendly controls, you can quickly access essential RED camera settings and take full control of your camera from your Indie 5 monitor by SmallHD. Transform your touchscreen into the central command hub of your camera and gain unfettered access to project settings such as Start/Stop Record, FPS, Shutter Speed, ISO, Color Temperature/White Balance, Clip Playback, and more.

Take advantage of our intuitive camera-control software and elevate your filmmaking game to new heights. Upgrade your Indie 5 monitor today and experience unparalleled control over your RED camera.

Disclaimer: Once any camera control is registered in your SmallHD monitor, it can not be removed or transferred to a different monitor

  SmallHD Indie 5
Inputs / Outputs  
Connector 1 1x 9-Pin Male
  1x 5-Pin Female
Connector 2 1x 5-Pin Male
  1x Micro-USB Male
Cable Length 17.7" / 45 cm (Camera Cable)
  3.3" / 8.4 cm (Adapter Cable)
Packaging Info  
Package Weight 0.23 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.3 x 3.8 x 3"
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