Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Ring for 81mm to 83mm Lens

by Tilta
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0.8 MOD Gear for Cine Follow Focuses
81 to 83mm Diameter for Focus/Zoom
Fully Closed and Requires No Screws
Even Pressure, No Drifting, Accurate

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  • Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Ring (81 to 83mm)

Tilta's 81 to 83mm Seamless Focus Gear Ring allows you to add 0.8 MOD gears to a compatible lens for use with cine follow focuses. This 81 to 83mm size fits virtually all lenses of the same outer diameter. The seamless version is designed with an improvement over Tilta's earlier gear rings in that it's fully closed and requires no screws in order to be secured to the lens. As a result, it attaches to the lens more easily and provides evenly distributed pressure while ensuring zero drifting and accurate focus. It's made of durable, flexible rubber, attaches firmly, and works silent and smooth along 360° of rotation. The MOD rating and 81 to 83mm diameter size are etched out on the inside of the ring.

There are 14 different sizes to choose from for different lenses. Please see the list of lenses below and the compatible ring size next to each one, as provided by Tilta. Other lenses may be compatible as well, but the below list has been confirmed by Tilta.

Gear MOD 0.8 MOD
Supported Lens Diameter 81 to 83 mm
Material Rubber
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