Viltrox RB9 Mini LEDLight

by Viltrox
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Weeylite RB9 RGBW Portable and Functional Full Color LED Light Chargeable and Dimmable

750,00 kn 600,00 kn

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  • RB9 Mini LEDLight
  • Tripod
  • Pouch
  • Cable
  • Phone Holder

Weeylite RB9 professional photography fill light is provided with multiple high CRI(pure white+warm white)LEDS and high-quality RGB LEDS. It features low energy consumption, stable color temperature, energy saving, and a long service life. The color temperature and brightness ratio can be adjusted freely according to the scenes. A variety of modes can be widely used for portraits, macro shooting, interview lighting, broadcasting video, mobile phone recording, etc

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