Libec ZC-LP Zoom control

by Libec
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Variable Speed Zoom Control
Start/Stop Record Button
Zoom Direction Reverse Switch
Supports LANC and Panasonic Protocols

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  • Libec ZC-LP LANC Zoom Control for Select Sony/Canon/Panasonic Cameras

The Libec ZC-LP LANC Zoom Control enables remote REC start/stop and zoom control for LANC-equipped Sony and Canon cameras, and it supports select Panasonic cameras. The zoom control clamps onto your tripod handle or any rod with a diameter from .39 to 1.77". It features a 2.3' long cable with a 2.5mm sub-mini plug for connecting and controlling your camera. In addition to the start/stop record button, the control unit comes with an invert switch that changes the direction of the zoom's response to the rocker. The zoom control also features a switch that allows you to change the protocol from LANC to Panasonic.

Control Features Zoom Control
Start/Stop Recording
Control Connector Zoom Controller: 1 x 2.5 mm TRS (LANC, Panasonic Cam Remote)
Cable Length 2.3' / 0.7 m
Attachment Method Tripod Clamp
Clamping Range 0.4 to 1.8 " / 10.00 to 45.00  mm
Dimensions H: 3.1 x W: 2.2" / H: 80.0 x W: 55.0 mm
Weight 4.23 oz / 0.12 kg
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