Samyang Lens Hood for AF 45mm f/1.8 Sony E

by Samyang
Verfügbarkeit: 14-20 days delivery
  • Lens hood for Samyang AF 45mm F1.8 Sony FE
  • Reduces stray light
  • Reduces reflections
29,50 € 23,60 €

The lens hood (also known as a lens hood or sun visor) reduces light falling from the side onto the sensor. The so-called lens flares (light fringes) are reduced, which increases the image quality. The use of the sun visor makes the images appear less dull and low in contrast. In addition, the sun visor offers a certain amount of protection for the front lens from rain and from light bumps or touches (fingerprints). For space-saving transport, we recommend mounting the sun visor "upside down" on the lens.

Max. Aperture f/1.8
Mount Type Sony E-Mount
Fixed Focal Lenghts 45mm
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