Sommer Cable HBA-6A-0090 Instrument cable jack/jack, HICON

by Sommer Cable
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The Sommer Cable HBA-6A-0090 Instrument Cable [A/A] 0,9m is an Angled Jack Cable with 6.3mm gold-plated HICON connections.

75,00 kn 60,00 kn

The Sommer Cable HBA-6A-0090 Instrument Cable [A/A] 900mm is an Angled 6.3mm Jack Instrument Cable, taken from the Basic Series, which offers a perfect cable connection for Keyboards, desktop Synthesizers, patch bays and racks. The HICON connectors of the Basic Series are completely new developments with a light yet robust "soft grip". The high-quality material consists of soft PVC, flexible at low temperatures.

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