Sunnylife Insta360 X4 Silicone Lens Cover Blue

by Sunnylife
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Sunnylife Silicone Lens Cover Blue for Insta360 X4.

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  • Sunnylife Insta360 X4 Silicone Lens Cover Blue
  • Split Type Design. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Wide Compatibility.The lens cap is compatible with Insta360 X4, two versions of original lens guard, original thermo grip cover and SUNNYLIFE protective cover.
  • Accurate Cut-out. Elegant & protective, while don't influence usage at all.
  • Embossed Button Craft. The embossed buttons make you feeling like the original button.
Name Lens Cover/ Cover Combo
Applicable models Insta360 X4
Material Silicone
Net weight 25/44g
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