Tilta Tiltaing Left Side Wooden Handle - Tactical Gray

by Tilta
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For Tiltaing Camera Cages
Comfortable Wood Grip
Contoured, Ergonomic Design
Requires Separate Adapter

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Tiltaing Left-Side Wooden Handle (Tactical Gray)

This tactical gray Tiltaing Wooden Handle from Tilta is a contoured handle designed to mount onto the left side of your Tiltaing camera cage. Made with a comfortable wooden grip, this legacy handle requires a separately available adapter to mount onto your cage.

Tilting camera cages

Ergonomic Left-Side Design
Contoured handle provides an ergonomic left grip

Wooden Grip
Made with a comfortable wooden grip

Tilta TA-LWH Specs
Grip Type
Single Handgrip
Rotation No
Built-In Controls None
Attachment Method Not Specified by Manufacturer
Shoe Mounting None
Rosettes None
Rail Mounting None
Construction Metal, Wood
Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer
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