Flycam 5000 Camera Steadycam System with Comfort Arm and Vest

by Flycam
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Free Arm Brace & Table Clamp Supporting Cameras weighing upto 5kg/11lbs

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  • Flycam 5000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer
  • Comfort Arm (Revised on 15-Apr-2017)
  • Pro Quick Release
  • Comfort Vest (Revised on 15-Apr-2017)
  • Table Clamp 
  • Storage Case

We understand that maintaining the stability of camera during long hours of shooting is a challenge which usually results in shaky footages. This camera shake draws audiences’ attention to the camera, which breaks the illusion of reality. Feather like gentle movements can’t be achieved by holding the camera in your hands. Flycam Comfort kit being a stabilization system lets you achieve those gentle movements by isolating your body’s motion from your camera. Moreover, it takes the stress off your arms & distributes it equally on your body.

5000 Camera Steadycam 

   Construction: Aluminium 
   Product weight without weight disc: 1.4 kg/3lb
   Per disc weight: 95gm 
   Counterweight disks: 16
   Weight holding cups: 4
   Head Plate dimensions: 7" x 4.9" x .75"
   Mid plate: 4.5" x 4"
   Bottom plate: 4.5" x 4.5"
   Base Platform: 4" x 10"
   Waist size: 28" to 60"
   Length extendable from 55cm to 73cm
   Camera mounting quick release plate has 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threads
   Weighing capacity : 5kg/11lb.
   Camera Plate has 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 mounting holes

Comfort Arm

   Construction: Aluminium 
   Stabilizer Arm weight: 1.4 kg/3.5lb
   Small Extension arm: 18cm
   Big Extension arm: 32cm
   Length of Spring: 11.5cm

Comfort Vest

   Stabilizer Vest weight: 1.7 kg/3.6lb
   Waist size: 28" to 60"


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