Flycam 5000 Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate & Arm Brace

by Flycam
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ALUMINIUM CONTRUCTED stabilizer with weighing capacity of 5 kg/11lbs

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  • Flycam 5000 Video Stabilizer with quick release plate
  • Steadycam Arm Brace
  • Unico Quick Release 
  • Table Clamp
  • Storage BAG

Flycam has successfully won over millions of heart with its incredible performance throughout many years. Flycam 5000 camera video stabilizer incorporates outstanding characteristics that results in perfectly smooth, versatile, flawless shooting. And the combination with the Arm Support Brace adds boom to this camera handheld stabilization system for long hour shooting without stress on wrist. It’s astonishing features along with FREE unique accessories make it remarkable for all videographers.

  Camera carrying capacity: 5 kg/11.02lbs
  Flycam material:Material: Aluminium
  Length extendable from 55cm to 73cm
  Flycam length min: 530mm
  Flycam length max: 730mm
  Camera plate dimensions: 179x120x26mm
  Quick release dimensions: 136x74/98x55mm
  Flycam weight without weight disc: 1.4 kg
  counter weight quantity: 16pcs 
  Per disc weight: 95gm 
  Arm Support Outer Dia  18.44mm (upper) and 21.70mm (bottom)
  No of Weight cups:  4


  Material: Polyamide 66 
  Color: Matt Black 
  Accepts both 1/4" or 3/8" mounting screw size 
  Self Weight: 135g (0.30 lbs) 
  Max. Load Capacity: 5kg (11 lbs) 


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