Flycam Quick Release Adapter Plate

by Flycam
Verfügbarkeit: 7-10 days delivery

for tripod & DV / HDV Camera

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  • Pro Quick Release Adapter
  • Pro Quick Release Plate

Our Flycam Quick Release Plate fits most cameras and prevents camera rotation and undesirable movement on the plate. The Quick Release Plate allows access to all cameras controls and functions without the need for removal. They are especially designed to provide maximum contact to the base of the camera, increasing stability and helping to minimize flexing of the camera body.The height of the camera can be easily adjusted by adding the provided shims. The companion Camera Base Plate is designed to support the rail system from the bottom while allowing for easy tripod set up in two different ways.

  CNC machined
  Constructed of of black anodized, high-grade aluminum
  1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting screws
  1/4"-20 Tripod mounting slots

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