HICON XLR, 3-pole, male HI-X3CM-HD

by Hicon
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HICON XLR, water- and dustproof IP67 while connected , 3-pole , metal-male connector, silver plated contact(s), straight.

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A true all-rounder

is the new HICON XLR connector HI-MARLIN. This connector does not only look good and lies ergonomically in the hand; due to its special design it also solves many problems an installation or event technician might be faced with.

These HICON HI-MARLIN XLR connectors, which are water- and dustproof according to IP67, repel a direct water jet or infiltrating moisture and may even be put under water without impairing its function.

Many new cables of the professional audio technology sector have a gas-injected foam insulation, which is why standard chuck strain reliefs are not ideal. They would squash the delicate wire insulations, thereby affecting the electrical values. Here the lamellar seal with internal grommet offers the perfect solution. The pressure of the strain relief is evenly spread over the entire cable diameter and squeezes no bumps into the jacket and insulation material. Special emphasis is placed on the locking device, which is very convenient and extremely durable. It has no long spring travels and the pressure spring-loaded mechanism is located in the locking knob instead of the contact base, as is usually the case. This also guarantees an easy and fuss-free mounting or cable assembly. 

These connectors are loyal companions in particularly wet situations such as the installation in leisure parks, near the coast, in ship and boat building, with outdoor festivities like Christmas markets, funfairs, skiing events, in sediment technology etc.

The HICON HI-MARLIN XLR connectors are salt water and UV resistant.


  • No infiltration of water, dirt, moisture, sand
  • Water- and dustproof according to IP67 while connected
  • Very good handling with pleasant plug-in sensation
  • AES/EBU conform (no vibration sensor)
  • Especially cable-protecting strain relief
  • High mating cycles due to intelligent, zero-wear locking mechanism
  • Easy and fast assemble


  • Installation at outdoor events, in ship and boat building, skiing events etc.
  • Permanent connections in coastal areas
Application audio
Colour nickel coloured
Model XLR
Style variant straight
Gender male
Material metal
Pole number 3-pole
Connector / Socket male connector
Contact coating silver plated
Mounting Cable
Cable diameter min. [mm] 4,6
Max. cable diameter [mm] 6,5
Protection water- and dustproof IP67 while connected
EAN 4049371810425
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