Leofoto LH-30LR+NP-50 Ball Head

by Leofoto
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Leofoto LH-30LR Ball Head with NP-50 Plate

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Low Height Profile Ballhead

  • Ergonomic large main locking knob gives easy handling. Low height profile gives better reliability. Precisely machined ball makes the movement silky smooth. Laser engraved scale on the panning base for easy and precise control during panorama shooting.

Faster and Easier Installing and Removing

Product Details

  • Every part is superior quality. Precision engineered for better performance and durability.

Screw Knob Clamp | NP-50 Plate | 30mm Ball Diameter | 74mm Height | 47mm Base Diameter | UNC 3/8" Mounting Screw | 15KG Max Load | 0.35KG Weight

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