PolarPro Venture 3-Pack For Hero 5 Black (Includes: PL, ND8, ND8-Gr)

by PolarPro
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Engineered specifically for the Hero5 Black camera, Perfect starter set for the aspiring filmmaker, Compatible with the Karma drone and grip, Includes a Polarizer, Neutral Density, and Graduated ND8 filter, Sleek low-profile design is lightweight and organic to the Hero5 

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  • Includes: PL, ND8, ND8-Gr

The PolarPro GoPro Hero5 Venture 3-Pack is an excellent value for the aspiring filmmaker or content creator. This pack includes three filters that will help improve your video and image quality without having to do any post-production work. The Polarizer filter is the perfect tool for reducing glare and increasing color saturation to make your content pop and is great for conditions where you are happy with the camera's shutter speed but are looking to make things a little more vibrant. The ND8 neutral density filter will help reduce the native high shutter speed of the Hero5 by 3 f-stops, giving your video a more natural cinematic look and smoother composition. The Graduated ND8 filter is the third filter in the set and is used for capturing stunning sunsets or sunrises. This filter is dark on the top and softly transitions to clear on the bottom. The dark top section helps reduce the brightness of the sky while the clear bottom section allows the ground to remain unchanged, creating a more balanced exposure between the bright sky and the darker ground. When mastered, the Graduated ND8 filter will produce jaw-dropping compositions your viewers will praise you for. The Venture 3-Pack includes a custom carrying case to keep all the filters protected and ready to use.

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