Manfrotto Small Circular Polarising Filt

by Manfrotto
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  • Remove reflections to clearly shoot through water and glass
  • Deepen blues in the sky and enhances contrast in clouds
  • High-quality Germany glass with multi-resistant coating
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  • 1 x Small Circular Polarising Filter - 67mm 
  • 1 x Genuine leather case 
  • 1 x Adapter for 58mm lenses 
  • 1 x Adapter for 52mm lenses 
  • 1 x Syrp lens cloth

Polarizing filters are an essential filmmaking and photography tool for shooting in harsh light when you want to get that perfect cloud filled beach shot, mountain landscape or glassy water shot.
Polarizing filters add contrast and reduce glare in your image. This gives you a deeper blue sky, removes harsh reflections in water and enables you to shoot through windows and other surfaces that are creating unwanted reflections and glare.
They Syrp Circular Polarizing filter comes in either an 82mm (large) or 67mm (small) size. The large filter includes step-up rings for 77mm and 72mm lenses while the small filter comes with adapters for 58mm and 52mm lenses.
Also included is a genuine leather case and Syrp Lens cloth. Made from high-quality German Schott glass with an anti-scratch layer. The construction of the filter has an aluminium frame and the glass is multi-coated with a super low reflection rate.

0.0245 kg

Filter Diameter
67 mm

7 x 7 x 0.85 cm

Attachment Type
Male Screw 67mm

Front Accessory Mounting
Female Screw 67mm

Product Contents
1 x Small Circular Polarising Filter - 67mm 1 x Genuine leather case 1 x Adapter for 58mm lenses 1 x Adapter for 52mm lenses 1 x Syrp lens cloth

67, 58, 52mm lenses

Aluminium, Optical glass construction

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