Thypoch Eureka 50mm f2 M mount-Aluminum Version

by Thypoch
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Inspired by vintage lenses from the 1950s, the aluminum Thypoch Eureka 50mm f/2 Lens features a unique, collapsible barrel for its human-eye perspective, making it a portable companion for portraits, landscapes, and documentary subjects.

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  • Thypoch Eureka 50mm f2 M mount - Aluminum Version
  • Attached UV Filter
  • Hood and Lens Front Cap

Inspired by vintage lenses from the 1950s, the aluminum Thypoch Eureka 50mm f/2 Lens features a unique, collapsible barrel for its human-eye perspective, making it a portable companion for portraits, landscapes, and documentary subjects. Its large, f/2 aperture also enhances depth of field effects like bokeh and subject-background separation. Collapsed, the lens measures just more than an inch, making it ideal for travel and all-day shooting.

Eureka Series

The Eureka series, inspired by the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes, celebrates a sudden discovery or enlightenment. Unlike the Simera series, which means "today" in Greek, Eureka is a new collection designed specifically for exploring vintage imagery styles.

In an era where lens designs are becoming increasingly homogeneous, the Eureka series seeks inspiration from classic lens designs of different epochs, transforming lenses into artistic vessels capable of transcending temporal boundaries and conveying genuine expression.

Back to the Original Aspiration of the Full-frame

The liberation of photography began with an inspiration to fit a camera loaded with 35mm film into one's pocket.

In 1925, the first commercial 35mm camera was introduced, paired with the first collapsible 50mm lens, instantly ending the century-long burden of cumbersome plate cameras. Countless individuals pocketed this exquisitely compact combination and took it into the streets, warzones, and corners of the world to capture unique impressions of their epoch.

Honoring the spirit of 35mm photography, the Eureka 50mm draws inspiration from the iconic collapsible design of 1950s vintage lenses, seamlessly blending classical elegance with the resurgence of vintage aesthetics while fitting easily into a pocket alongside compact cameras.

Robust Companion Inspiration Capture

Compact in structure, the Eureka 50mm measures only 2.7cm when collapsed and extends to 4.12cm during use, making it a portable companion designed for wandering artists.

Its classic retractable design and aluminum alloy structure embody lightweight elegance and rugged reliability, operating seamlessly between-30°C to +70°C. It's the ideal partner for capturing moments in the most extreme conditions.

Modern Vision with Cinematic Nostalgia

Eureka 50mm blends contemporary coating technologies with the allure of retro optical structures, creating a harmonious symphony of vintage charm and remarkable precision.

Delicately emulating the enchanting flares of vintage lenses, it reproduces the organic look through meticulous adjustments of multiple layers of coatings with varying reflectivity. It has perfectly balanced micro-contrasts and exceptionally high resolution from center to edge, offering vivid color reproduction and nuanced tonal gradations.

Golden Focal Length Unbounded Interpretation

Boasting a standard 50mm focal length favored by many legendary photographers, the lens provides a natural and realistic depth of field.

This versatility effortlessly masters close-up portraits, documentary storytelling, or natural landscapes. Its familiar observational angle aids photographers in thoughtful composition, seamlessly integrating creativity into daily inspiration bursts.

Dual Selections for Distinct Styles

Eureka 50mm offers two versions to suit diverse preferences: the Lite version features an anodized silver aluminium exterior for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance, weighs only 120g, and is designed for portability.

The Limited edition comes with a unique silver chrome brass construction, set for release in October 2024, catering to photography enthusiasts and collectors. Both versions include a matching material lens hood and UV filter as complementary accessories.

Luminous Reverie Dreamlike Immersion

Fearlessly embrace low-light environments with the maximum f/2 aperture of the Eureka 50mm lens. Its shallow depth of field paints delicate and soft bokeh, seamlessly transitioning between in-focus and out-of-focus areas.

With a 12-blade aperture diaphragm, the lens guarantees circular and aesthetically pleasing bokeh, creating a dreamy and poetic atmosphere.

Optical Precision in Every Detail

This ensures exceptional optical performance, providing clarity from center to edge and pure details for analog or digital photography with stable shutter speeds.

Featuring a 6-element, 4-group typical double-gauss optical design, the Eureka 50mm incorporates cutting-edge optics. An extra-low dispersion (ED) element effectively minimizes chromatic aberration, while a high refractive index (HRI) element corrects curvature of field and spherical aberrations.

44 x 33mm Format

Eureka 50mm covers the 44mm x 33mm format of the Hasselblad CFV100C, ensuring high-quality image resolution of up to 100 megapixels.

Colour Silver
Focal Length 50 mm
Mount M
Aperture f/2 - f/16
Close Focus (from sensor plane) 0.9m
Construction of Optics 6 Elements in 4 Groups
Front Dia. ∮35.9mm / 1.4"
Filter Size A36
Angle of view (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) 46° / 39° / 27°
Hood Eureka Hood
Image Circle 43.2 mm (FF)
Flange Distance 27.8 mm
Type of focusing Manual focus
Iris Blade 12
Length 41.2mm / 1.6'' (Before Collapse)
  27mm / 1.1'' (After Collapse)
Weight(Product) ≈120g (Lite)
  ≈218g (Classic)
Accessories Attached UV Filter
  Hood and Lens Front Cap
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