Proaim Jr Pan-Tilt Head with 12V Joystick Control

by Proaim
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The technologically advanced junior pan tilt head is constructed from high-grade aluminum that lets you use it successfully for years to come. The pan & tiltmovements are controlled by 12V joystick controller.

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  • Proaim Jr. Pan Tilt Camera Motorized Head
  • Joystick Controller
  • 12volt AC Adapter
  • 7.5 meter/24foot long Control Cable
  • 3 Meter long 4pinXLR cable (for using 12VDC Battery Packs) 
  • Universal Adapter
  • Carrying Case with Custom-Fit Packing

We all are well aware of the fact, that camera movement help setting the tone for the scene, build dramatic effects and simply add beauty to your shots. The combination of remote head and crane is highly helpful in achieving this goal. But if you directly mount the camera on the crane, it will restrict the movement of the camera and narrow the creative possibilities. The specially designed 2-Axis junior pan tilt head allows unrestricted 360° pan and tilt movements, giving you the freedom to take a wide variety of shots.

Pan Tilt Head Material

High Grade Aluminium

 Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity

6kg (13.2lb)

 Pan, tilt

360 degrees


Variable-controlled speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)
Slowest Speed : 2 minutes
Highest Speed : 7 seconds


Two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the head 360 degrees


2 Big Aluminum Gears (Dia- 88mm)
2 Small Brass Gears (Dia- 13.5mm)

 Minimum height of head

18.5 inches

 Maximum height of head

22 inches

 AC Adapter input

AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A

 Cable Length

7.5 meter

 Cable Connector

4-Pin XLR

 Battery Cable

3 Meter long

 Weight of Pan Tilt head

2.7kg (5.9lbs)

 Box Dimensions

52 X 34 X 18 cm


 Joystick Controller



2x 4-Pin XLR male connectors

 Pan/Tilt Direction


 Upgraded with

Damping knob

 Weight of Joystick box


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